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when the braces finally come off

 Ashley's Story

Well I am very excited. I just got my braces off yesterday morning after 1 year 10 months 9 days and 21 hours in braces I was very ecstatic about the big day. I got there 5 minutes early. I signed in and pretty much as soon as I signed in they called me back to the removal room. Then they had me sit in a chair so they could look at my teeth.

As they were looking at my teeth before they took my braces off the assistant saw an area of concern. So she called the orthodontist back to look at my teeth. When she told me this I was nervous about not getting them off it was terrible! The ortho came in to the room and looked at my teeth and WHEW it was just the shape of my tooth! I was so relieved it was insane! Then the assistant started to take the brackets and bands off. This was a little uncomfortable but not too bad. She had left the wire in my braces when she took them off.

It was cool getting to see what they looked like outside my mouth and how small my mouth really is. Then while we waited for the ortho to come back and take off the glue she did my pictures and x-rays. soon as that was done it was time to take off the glue! It was a long process of drilling glue not teeth and using a water pick and sucking that gunk out of my mouth.

Then the assistant polished my teeth and took my molds. This part was not as bad as some might say. I got to choose two different favors of mold; I chose bubble gum and grape. Before I got braces I had fruit punch molds and that is my favorite --  it tastes like strawberry gum. Then after the molds I got to brush and floss my teeth Yea! It was sooo incredibly easy and quick without all that metal in the way!

Then it was time for once again more pictures. My friend was with me and taking pictures of everything. Then after that I got to pick out a retainer case. It is so pretty -- it is candy apple red with glitter in it. Then they gave me a cup full of candy I could not have before, Crest white strips, a certificate to get my picture taken and a post card to thank my parents for letting my get my new smile.

We had a 30 minute break to wait for my retainer and then voila it was done. It was a clear Essix retainer. They then showed me how to care for my retainer and showed me how to put it in. They then told me congrats and scheduled my retainer check.

Afterwords my parents took me to eat Mexican food and I ordered the most stringyest meat I could. It was wonderful to eat without braces!

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