Braces Removal Stories

when the braces finally come off

 Audrey's Story

Well originally I was told I had to wear my braces for 22 months or almost 2 years. I was excited when I first got braces because I would have perfect teeth. I soon got sick and tired of them. Having to brush my teeth in the bathroom at lunch everyday, and go to the orthodontist every 5 weeks.

It was my 7th month and they put on a power chain. Wow was that painful. I was a class II(2) case. With gaps everywhere. After one year I have elastics. They were fun because I was able to shoot them out of my mouth and hit my teacher.

It was August my year anniversary and they kept telling me as I sat there 'open, okay now close, now open, and now close again'. Me being a curious person I asked 'why' and they told me I was almost done. I had my last 'tightening' in October. I nearly screamed when they told me'Okay you get them off next appointment' I was so excited I danced out of the office. I kept a count don't on the fridge, and in my locker.

The night before my appointment I could not sleep. I went to my appointment. The did the line 'open,close' then I heard clicking noise. I did not even notice that took them off. The worst part would have been then sanding off the glue, and doing moldings. I picked up my retainers the next day. I have wires also glued to the back of my teeth. I have been brace free for 3 months and loving it.

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