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when the braces finally come off

 Caht's Story

They are off!! Yippee!!!! My teeth were not too much out of line and I only had braces for one year. Although I found it sometimes hard to smile, and as such reveal the braces, I felt proud that I would go through all the work to make my teeth straight. I have been brace-free now for four months.

There was some scraping as they removed the glue, but it was not really bad at all, and better than having them put on. I did not have much of a problem anyway. The retainer actually took more getting used to than the braces. My speech was impaired for several weeks, and as a reading specialist, it was hard to produce all the sounds of the English language! Although my orthodontist said to wear the retainer 24-7 except when eating or brushing my teeth I did admit to him that I took it off for professional reasons. I usually wear it close to 20 hours a day. Hopefully in a few months that will only be at night.

I have heard from a colleague that if you do not continue to wear it your teeth will be as bad, if not worse, than before. I have noticed a change in my bottom teeth, which is why I decided to have braces to start with. They have lost a bit of their straightness. Oh well, nothing in life is perfect. I can now eat raw carrots and celery, and occasionally the pretzel and popcorn! No more cleaning between braces!! The retainers actually are removable!!

Deciding to get braces is just like many other things in life: it is a lifelong commitment, otherwise, things go back to the same old way. I AM taking better care of my teeth. If I do not floss at night I feel bad. I used to floss a few times a week at most. I guess you just take a little more pride in you teeth after all you have been through. I wish the best of luck to all who have had, have, or plan to get braces: You have made a commitment to better yourself, knowing it will take work, but it is well worth it.

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