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when the braces finally come off

 Karla's Story

 I am 45 years old and this was my first ever braces experience. I had front bottom crooked teeth as well as one top front tooth that was wanting to bend. I also had a slight bite that was corrected with the braces - no bands. Today is the day I anticipated now for several months as I now have my "teeth back" and am quite happy!

The two hour process was better and more comfortable than expected. First, the Assistant removed my wire and metal braces that were on my rear teeth. Next, the Ortho bonded a permanent retainer on my upper and lower teeth and then removed the clear brackets left on the front teeth, removed the glue, and polished my teeth. The good: bracket removal. Most of them popped off pretty easy. I had a few teeth that were sore and the pulling was a little uncomfortable. The not bad but not good: I gagged when the Assistant was doing the Essix retainer impressions and cringed a few time during the glue removal and polishing. Breathe out of your nose and you will be fine when you get to the impression phase. I also do not like the "scratching on a blackboard" experience, so here is good tip: Take a pair of ear plugs!! You can buy the simple, cheap foam type at the drug store for a few dollars. They worked like a charm as I barely heard the Dremel as my Ortho scrapped off the glue. Without them, I would have needed several breaks.

Also, focus on something happy or something that makes you laugh while the removal process is going on. I focused on giving my fiancÚ' a huge, real kiss. He has top front veneers, and my braces did not like his veneers! I was lucky to get my Essix retainers before I left. I needed a little instruction on how to use them, but got the hang of it after a few tries. I was told to wear the Essix for 48 hours continuous and then at night thereafter.

Gratification was brushing for the final time and taking that first good look in the mirror after the removal process is over. You will smile at yourself! Next step is whitening, but will wait a week or two so I can become friends with my permanent and night retainers. This has been time and money well spent. I am so looking forward to looking a few years younger and knowing that I am committed to future good dental habits and health.

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