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when the braces finally come off

 Laura's Story

When I went into the ortho to have my brace tightened he told me that the next time I came he would take the brace off. I was so excited! I couldn't believe it! I had had them in for about 18 months because I had to have an operation to remove 4 teeth before A brace could be fitted.

Ok so, the day before the special day I was so excited, I couldn't concentrate! I kept thinking wow I'm gonna be braceless! I got up early that morning even though I didn't need to but I was too excited! my dad picked me up and took me to the ortho. In the waiting room I couldn't sit still. I was so anxious. What if they didn't take them off, I kept asking myself.

After what seemed forever i was finally called up. I dumped my scarf and jacked on my dad and climbed up the stairs with dad close behind me. I was asked to lay onto the chair and relax. I rush of relief came over me when the assistant said that It was the day they can come off. I couldn't stop smiling until the ortho doc started to take the brace off. he said if I feel uncomfortable at any time I could put my hand up and he would stop. Before I could asked what pain he was straight in there clipping off the brackets. It hurt a little but not as much as what was about to come. so they were finally off. It felt well ....weird. He then brought over a small drill which he would then start scraping off the cement from where the brackets were. He did each tooth carefully. I have to admit it was a bit uncomfortable but I didn't want him to stop. I might as well get it over and done with now.

Finally! Finished! I washed my mouth out and ran my tongue along my new teeth! It felt really slimy and really smooth. I smiled at my dad and he gave me an even bigger smile back. Before I could leave I had to had impressions done for my retainers. It looked like kids play stuff. It was dark blue and tasted like mint. He did the bottom then the top. It didn't take very long which was good, because I wanted to get to school and show them my new Hollywood smile.

Everybody liked my new teeth. They all said I looked really different. My mum was really surprised at how straight and neat they were. Braces were well worth having and recommend people to get one if it is needed. I am very happy with my teeth and I won't stop showing them off with a big smile!

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