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when the braces finally come off

 Nancy's Story

First the top came off last month, then the bottoms yesterday!

Popcorn is on the menu. I'm still a little sensitive over apples etc. although I ate one last week before the bottom braces came off. If anybody is hesitating on having this done DO IT! I am so happy that I keep sneaking peeks in the mirror when I'm stuck in traffic. Next treat to myself is laser whitening.

NOW.....on the matter of the RETAINERS. In the first month, I lost all three clear retainers. I am supposed to wear them at all times, but, of course, they're off for eating. One I dumped in hot water and was amazed at how fast it shrunk. Don't do this. The second, I have no idea, it could still turn up, and the third went down the tubes at Panera as I tossed my tray contents into the bin. DO NOT PUT YOUR RETAINER ON YOUR FOOD TRAY! Well, I finally learned to keep up with my glasses, so I guess the retainers are next. I recommended this site to my orthodontist, so......

Hello, Dr, Yanosky! :-)

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