Braces Removal Stories

when the braces finally come off

 Shelly's Story

The day FINALLY arrived. My braces were scheduled to be removed. I arrived at the office and waited a few moments. The orthodontist took a quick look and gave the green light. He snipped the lower bands on my molars and clipped off the lower braces. The entire process to remove the bottom braces was about a minute. The upper braces were a little more difficult to get off. The upper wire had to be removed and the bands on the bands on the molars were taken off. Next, the ceramic brackets on my upper teeth were taken off. This was probably the worst part. The ceramics cracked into several pieces and the pressure on my teeth was uncomfortable. This process took a few minutes.

At about this point, my husband showed up in the office and surprised me. He watched the tech work on my for a little while but had to leave for work. What a nice surprise!

At last, they were off. I got to see my teeth for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I was so happy. They looked beautiful. I brushed my teeth and sat back down for the removal of the glue. This involved a lot of scraping and grinding that some may find uncomfortable. It wasn't so bad. It was all over in about an hour. (I've had cleanings that were much more difficult.)

My teeth feel smooth and look fantastic. For all of those who still have their braces, just hang in there. One day it will be over. And, when it is, you will have great return on your investment. You will be able to smile with confidence! Good luck to you all!

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