Birthday Contest

Your Most Embarrassing Experience in Braces

...and the results are in. Thanks to everyone for voting! 

The winners are:

1. Dave from New York City with the top two stories, Headgear Hell and The Diner

2. Mary from Oregon with The Cycling Class

3. Matt69 from Tucson, AZ with The Backwards Retainer

Our winners will receive an orthodontic care goodie bag for their efforts!

Thanks to everyone who entered, it was great reading your stories! Be sure to enter our next contest, which will be held sometime over the summer!

Final Results:


Story 1: The Backwards Retainer

Story 2: School Daze

Story 3: The Possessed Waterpik

Story 4: Headgear Hell

Story 5: Rinse and Spit

Story 6: In the Pink

Story 7: The Diner

Story 8: The Cycling Class


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