My First Day in Braces

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 Adam from Washington, DC

First off, love this site. It will be your best friend in preparing for, dealing with, and letting go of your braces.

I am 24, have a girlfriend, a secure job, and very, VERY good parents. I've always said if I stopped biting my fingernails, lost my beer belly, and had perfect teeth that I would be a perfect catch. Well, getting braces is, ironically I guess, making all those happen. I'm in day three, and I know things will change, but I'm eating less, as it is a chore. I'm also taking my time during meals, which I never did before. Thus, I feel fuller quicker and stop eating. I also prepare my meals now, so I am saving money that way.

I also can't bite my fingernails. It's literally impossible with my braces on. So, my main question before getting them was pain...I still haven't had my extractions, which will suck I bet, but the braces part wasn't horrible. No real pain, just throbbing and annoyances. Fragile would be the word. Also, the spacers, as everyone says, are the worst. You can't bite, they hurt, you get a headache. Yuck. What I'm getting used to is waking up and feeling 20 different things every minute. From my diction changing a little, to headaches, to sadness, to depression, to anticipation of looking good, to the thought, the dream, of biting into an apple again, it's already been a rollercoaster.

Really be sure you either need them or want them. Your lips will be all cut up (I've played trumpet in the country's best college marching band so I know lip pain), your sex life won't blossom, your food will suck, and your smile will smell, but it will be worth it. Just think about the END!!!

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