My First Day in Braces

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 Alison from Scotland

I got my new braces in on the 27th June 2005, I'm 16 now. I've been told I will only have them for 12-18 months. That was fine by me to begin with, now I'm hoping it wont take as long. It's annoying having to clean them after every meal. At first, when I sat down in the dentist's chair, I was offered different coloured bands, being advised to choose a light colour like most people do for their first time. I opted for a bright red, my mum now calls me Marilyn Manson. I think they look okay...

First, the dentist put on the glue, then I guess she put on metal plates, then a bracket. Nothing hurt at all. She clipped in the wire, which only dug in a bit at the ends, until she clipped it off, and I was worried she would catch my mouth with the clippers. It was strange having a sucker constantly in my mouth. Once she had the wire in, she started to put on the bands, with a strange instrument and twisted it a lot. It wasn't sore, just uncomfortable.

Once I was done, I rinsed my mouth out, but forgot to spit it out, oh well. Looking at my new braces I thought to myself "urgh..."...they're not the prettiest of things, but so many people have them now that people would barely notice. Making a new appointment at the reception desk I barely opened my mouth. I'm not shy about them now, and I've only had them for a few days.

They were great the first day, not even sore, just strange and hard to chew. I woke up the next morning and touched them gently with my finger. Oww they were sore! I could barely eat at all that day, and only had soup and mashed potato, I didn't chew anything, just swallowed. Next night I had peas! They felt like chewing rocks! They are still quite painful now, 3 days afterwards. I usually let my mouth sit slightly ajar so they don't touch. Easier this way. I've banged them a few times with cups and my hand, it's really painful. I guess it would help if pain killers actually worked on me.

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