My First Day in Braces

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 Alysia from London, UK

Well, after much dithering over the summer I decided to go ahead with braces, mainly to correct the teeth on either side of my front two teeth. These teeth have been gradually moving forward thanks to my age (I am 38) and are beginning to protrude. (Once I had the braces on I was so glad I hadnít waited any longer, as it would prove quite difficult to close my lips over the brackets on these two teeth.)

I opted for ceramic braces and was relieved to discover that the orthodontist only wanted to do the top row initially. I had had the bright idea of taking a small radio with earphones in with me, so I listened to that while they put the lip spreaders on, cleaned my teeth thoroughly and applied the brace. It was a great distraction, even though the procedure was more uncomfortable than painful.

When the orthodontist fitted the arch wire it felt like it was really sticking out, whereas in fact it was the ceramic brackets I could feel. The two little hook shapes on the top of each bracket really dug into my upper lip. Still, it didnít look too bad, and a day on, I am feeling discomfort but no pain. Grinning is tricky as I have to clear the brackets with my top lip then close my mouth over them again. I am told the teeth start to move quite quickly, so I am hoping the protruding ones move back soon. In the meantime I am developing a new throaty laugh to replace the grin!

Cleaning is the biggest bother Ė even a smooth tomato soup left bits in the brace, but I have discovered that a water pick (a gadget that jets water across your teeth) gets the scraps out. I think I am going to lose weight, as there definitely wonít be any eating between meals!

Finally, I am so grateful for this website, which made me feel so much better about getting braces. I have recommended it to my orthodontist to help put future clients at their ease.

(editor's note:  :-D  Thanks Alysia!)

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