My First Day in Braces

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 Amra from New Jersey

Since becoming more aware of my looks (early teens) I realized I needed braces, badly. My parents just never had the money. After my sister got braces almost a year ago, I wanted to get them as well. I just kept putting it off because the idea of wearing something in my mouth was not appealing. I just turned 24 and couple of months ago I finally made the necessary appointments and started the process for putting those puppies on. So in a way it is a birthday present to me...from me :)

I had the appointment to put the braces on yesterday. The process wasn't bad at all. I was there for about 1.5 hours. My teeth still don't hurt like my sister insisted they would hurt. I thought the pain of having those spacers in was bad enough and when my sister said "wait til you put the braces on", I almost didn't go through with it. I'm glad I did though. After I got back home from the dentist yesterday I couldn't stop crying. This was a huge blow to my already bad self-esteem, even though I would get compliments on my looks every now and then.

Now I am slowly getting used to this "new look". I go back to work tomorrow and I wonder how long it is going to take them to notice it, since I didn't tell anyone I was getting them. I cant wait for the final outcome. Hopefully it will take about 1.5 yrs like the dentist said. This site is awesome. I am glad I found it (accidentally) and that I am not alone. If anyone is considering them, OMG get them. The sooner you do, the better you will feel. Good luck to all.

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