My First Day in Braces

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 Angela from Connecticut

Lets see, Where do I begin with my first day story... I was very excited about getting the braces put on even though I'm almost 40 years old I had always had straight teeth till the past year. All of the sudden my front teeth started to get a very large gap in between. I went and had many test done to my gums to make sure that they were ok and I had no bone issues. Everything went well at the dentist and he gave the OK.

Off to the doctor to have my braces put on.

Day one - Everything went awesome at the doctor.. He was very friendly and explained everything as he went along. My teeth felt very tight after he was done but NO PAIN.. I thought to myself that this was going to be awesome. I looked in the mirror and almost feel out of my car.. How ugly these things were... I picked the metal ones on top and bottom.. After the end of day one my mouth was starting to hurt and my lips kept sticking to the braces.. YUCK!!!!!!

Day two - four - OMG this stinks.. MY MOUTH is killing me and everyone keeps telling me its going to get better. I have to put wax over all my teeth so that the braces don't cut into my inside of my lips.. I was picking something out of my teeth and got the back wire stuck in my lip. MAN did that hurt..

Day four - My husband said that he had braces when he was little and that you use the wax to get you through the first week or so till your mouth gets use to having braces in there. But I'm scared that I will start using the wax all the time!

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