My First Day in Braces

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 April from Florida

I am 45 years of age. I have wanted braces since childhood, and my parents could not afford them. As an adult, I waited for braces thinking one of my children may need braces. I got braces yesterday. I only got the top teeth done, my dentist wants me to wait until I acclimate and some room is made, before the bottom is done.

I must say I am in some moderate pain. Nothing that Advil can't fix. But while eating soup, I lost a bracket on the first day!!!! I have since drank my meals. (smoothies) I have a friend who has braces and is close to getting them removed. She gave me the advice of cut everything very fine and gum it or just swallow it.

I am happy I made the decision, but I must admit it is quite more painful, the day after the braces are installed. I am happy to have braces. I feel as thought it will lead to a metamorphosis. Most people tell me I don't smile a lot, maybe I will now!

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