My First Day in Braces

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 Ashley from Maryland

I have wanted braces for a while now, but due to parents not really trying to fix it if ain't broke I never received them in my adolescence. 

Now I'm 20 years old. For most of my life I knew that my four front bottom teeth were very much that my canines had shifted to a vertical state. I also had my last baby teeth removed my senior year of high school and I noticed that one of my permanents never came down. After countless pictures with my horrible gap I finally decided to do something about it! I first went to my local dentist who referred me to a great ortho and after weeks of waiting yesterday I got them on!

I had done research but oh how no one told me of the pain in putting on molar bands! I almost wanted to run out of the office but two hours later I came out with metal braces on top and bottom with red and green ligs for the season! I went home and fell asleep as the pressure was sort of getting to me.

I'm kinda getting used to my new soft food diet but am missing Twix candy bars! I really would like to thank Lynn for making this website. Before getting my braces I read through her whole journal and found it pretty impressive! Also everyone in the Metal Mouth boards are so helpful with the questions I have had. Well hopefully these next two years go by pretty fast...but I'm sure I'll have fun!

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