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 Candida from Canada

My name is Candida, I am from small town Saskatchewan, Canada. I got my braces on 4 days ago and what do you know I'm still alive! When I had the spacers put on almost 2 months ago I really thought I wasn't going to be able to deal with the pain, it was the worse thing I'd ever felt and I thought I could handle quite a bit, I've had 3 kids naturally and get regular bikini waxes.... boy I was so wrong!! I did however survive the pain of the spacers and actually forgot they were even in there.

Then came the braces, I drove all by myself to the appointment and home again, without feeling any kind of pain. Wow I thought this isn't going to be that bad I even went to my PA meeting that night at the school. About half hour into the meeting my teeth just started throbbing I don't even remember what we talked about at the meeting. I came home put the kids to bed, took a lot of drugs and cried that night, What had I done to myself?! I barely slept and woke up grouchy and irritated....poor kids I bet they've never been so glad to get to school. I couldn't eat anything I was so sore and forget doing any housework, I just felt sorry for myself the whole day and practically took an entire bottle of Tylenol.

That night I did manage to sleep a little better, then the next day I had a doctors appointment. I find out I'm pregnant, couldn't be worse timing I'm sure. Now I can't take anymore painkillers although I can take some Tylenol but definitely not the bottle! I woke up the next morning and felt a little better, so everyday is getting better. I've discovered a whole range of soft foods to eat and am trying to keep up the nutrients for my baby. I keep hearing things will get better, I sure hope they do...I can't imagine dealing with this and having a new baby too.

The biggest thing now is dealing with the way I feel in them. I can't talk, it sounds like I've got a mouth full of cotton, my husband comes home from working out of province in 4 more days and I really feel unattractive right now, I can't wait to put on all that baby weight too. I'm just glad I found this site, its so encouraging to read about other people's experiences and realize I'm not alone no matter how alone I feel, no one understands unless they've been through it. If I live through the next couple of appointments I'm sure it'll be smooth sailing but the next one I get 2 extractions!! AGHHH I have a feeling its gonna suck!

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