My First Day in Braces

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Carroll from North Carolina

Okay, this is my first official day. Ground Zero. I'm still experiencing the Post Traumatic Stress. I have a slight headache but other then that I will live. The whole idea of braces came from my dentist after having a wisdom tooth removed. I have a bit of a gap but thought, "hey that's just character" Look at Lauren Hutton, right? Then I thought about my Aunt Hubbie and figured why roll the "genetics dice"?

Plus there were seemingly nice orthodontists upstairs in my building, maybe the planets were aligning? After sitting in the chair for five minutes, the Orthodontist proclaimed I would indeed need braces, I am thinking okay maybe just the top teeth, but no she said I needed upper and lower braces. In my head, as she started talking about all the things that were wrong with my mouth including the possibility of adding a prosthetic tooth and spacers and saying this is a complicated case, I'm thinking damn I making the down payment on someone's new Lexus SUV. And, no one ever tells you that there is a process before the braces! I had to have cavities filled and a tooth removed by an oral surgeon and then found out most of this would be out of pocket as my dental insurance did not cover orthodontics and only covered 750 dollars of other dental care! But I digress.

Having the braces put on was not bad. It took an hour and a half. So far, I'm feeling a little pressure but I am loving the bite plate that the Orthodontist Assistant gave me! I have only had a smoothie so far. My personal trainer and the folks at weight watchers will appreciate that! They have a token economy set up to motivate kids to follow directions with their dental care, they gave me my first token today. It's corny for adults but I'm looking forward to my free pizza!

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