My First Day in Braces

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Damita from Mississippi

Well, I got my braces on a few days ago. I had spacers put in a couple of weeks ago. Because my teeth have no space in the back (all gaps in the front), the ortho had to put in metal spacers. The assistant was only able to get to rubber ones in when she tried. I actually had 2 different ones try. Thank goodness they were gentle with me or I probably would not have returned.

Anyway, on "The Day," the assistant removed the rubber spacers and the ortho removed the metal ones. The assistant explained every step before they did anything. She began by fitting brackets around the back molars. She put a guard in my mouth which kept my mouth open while she worked. She cleaned by teeth a little and added a solution to my teeth which would help the cement adhere to my teeth and then told the ortho she was ready to cement.

The ortho put on the brackets and then my ligatures were put on. I didn't try to do anything too trendy. So, I played conservative and asked for silver. I have metal on top and bottom. At first, I wanted clear on top but after talking with the assistant she told me that they were larger than the metal ones, make your lips protrude more, and depending on the bands sometimes would look dingy. I had seen a couple other people with clear and they did seem bulkier so I opted for the metal.

After getting everything done and the ortho returning to inspect, I felt really great that at age 37, I had done something which I have wanted to do seriously since I was in my early twenties. I hate I didn't get them then and I always put it off because of expenses, marriage, pregnancy, etc.

My daughter is 8 and she's wanting to know when she can get braces. I tease that I'll have mine paid off by the time she's ready. She says I look like a teenager. I can deal with that. 

I must say, eating has been another story altogether. My teeth have been v-e-r-y sensitive and the tops hurt more than the bottom. I've tried to eat as I can. Finding this site has helped because of the many suggestions of soft foods to try and things to do to ease some of the mouth irritations. I can't wait until I can chew without the discomfort.

So, two days into this, is it still worth it? Definitely......If I could do anything over in my life, which nothing ever comes to mind, getting braces sooner would be it. Although, I don't think I would feel the same amount of accomplishment as I do now.

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