My First Day in Braces

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 Denise from Florida

Before I begin let me give everyone some background information about myself. After growing up with large gaps between my teeth I decided to get braces. Growing up my parents did not have the money to buy braces for me. Out of four children I was the only one with crooked-gapped teeth. Needless, to say it was quite embarrassing growing up ( I was teased by classmates for years). Now I am 27 and I have decided to get braces. My doctor says that it will only take 2 years to straighten my teeth. I am so excited.

On August 5th I had my braces put on. The procedure only took an hour and 15 minutes. It was painless and very comfortable. I was even able to watch TV and relax. I was given a T-shirt and a dental kit and a thorough speech about how to care for my teeth. I didn't have any pain until about 5 hours after the braces were put on. I actually wanted to rip them off my teeth, but after thinking about the outcome I decided to toughen up an deal with it.

I was nervous about returning to work on Monday. I am a 4th grade teacher and I didn't tell anyone about the braces co-workers or students. Everyone has been very supportive. I have even inspired my students to want braces to correct their dental imperfections.

I had my first adjustment on September 20th. It didn't hurt except for a few teeth were sore and I was able to eat normally. I have my next appointment on November 15th. I have had a lot of movement and the largest gap between my front teeth appears to be getting smaller. I can't wait to write back in about 6 months with an update.

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