My First Day in Braces

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 Denise from Georgia

Thanks for all the great stories everyone has shared. I have gotten several much needed laughs instead of crying like I felt like I almost did when first closed my mouth and it felt like my lips wouldn't fit over my teeth!! I am 35 and just got my braces today. It has been a a bittersweet experience. I have always been self conscious of my crooked teeth and overjet. I told myself that I can be self conscious for two years or the rest of my life and I choose two. Although, I suspect that as my teeth straighten the braces will be even less noticeable.

Ten years ago I wanted to get braces and my dentist told me I would have also have to have my jaw broken and major reconstructive surgery to have a perfect smile. No way! Then after my ten year old son got braces and 3 months later had begun to have beautiful straight teeth, my longing grew even stronger. I decided to face all my fears and visit Dr. Wright for a consultation. Believe me my fears were many. I am so self conscious of my smile that just getting the records pictures done were mortifying to me. I made it through. The Dr. confirmed what my dentist said and told me that such extremes were only necessary if I wanted a supermodel smile. If I just wanted straightening and reduction of my overjet then we were in business. Now I am asking myself why didn't I do it sooner?

The last 5 days of spacers were very painful. So far with my brackets, there is no pain just a lot of pressure. Pressure is good though it means progress. I am sure the pain is on the horizon. Thanksgiving is just 2 days away so, my dinner will probably have to be pulverized into soup for me to eat. Maybe I'll just eat pie!

Before long, my story will be just a memory and I will be sporting a fantastic straight smile, healthier teeth and gums and the confidence that every beautiful person deserves. :) Good luck to everyone out there sharing this joyous experience. For those thinking about it for yourself. Be proud and have courage!

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