My First Day in Braces

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Diane from New York

Day one started even before the braces went on. At 24 I decided that it was now or never, I was going to get braces. I should have gotten them as a teenager, but as I was told, your sisters straightened out, yours will too. Well with a canine that never fully came down, and crowding on the bottom I soon realized that they weren't going to straighten themselves out with out some help. 

So off to the ortho, first things first, the remaining 2 wisdom teeth come out. Wait two weeks, spacers go in, wait a week, brackets go in (ceramic on top, metal on the bottom) and wires on top front 4 teeth, wait two weeks, 4 extractions, wait three weeks, finally...Day One + 49 days, wires go in. 

That day, (yesterday as it was) wasn't too bad. Appointment in the afternoon, had a liquid dinner, felt good, even went shopping. As it was a progression, gone were the days of my friends staring at my braces instead of me as I talked... they simply said 'let me see' took on quick look and said, 'beautiful.' However, 5:30 this morning... I woke up as if someone had taken a bat to my face. The excruciating pain, that revealed the 4 extractions done at once... could not be tamed by extra strength Tylenol. 

So now as it were, Day One + 50 days, it feels as if I may have been punched in the face. I am told by friends who had braces as teenagers that the pain will be less intense with every tightening as my teeth get used to the pressure the wire puts on them. Dear goodness I hope so. Either way, I know 2 years down the road... it'll all be worth it and I'll finally have the smile that I'm proud of.

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