My First Day in Braces

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 Emmanuel from Georgia

From reading the stories from this message board I was convinced that the most pain Iíd feel would come from the spacers (separators) they put in before the braces. And boy was I wrong. I have crowded teeth at the bottom and when I was getting my braces in I bled like the red sea. IT WAS EXTREMELY painful.

However, now that I have them on I am yet to experience the post-pain that everyone seems to write about. Iíve had them in for about 1 day now with no major pain, at least nothing as bad as when the braces were put on.

FYI, I am a 22 year-old-male, and I have to say it felt a little embarrassing jerking around and screaming as the attempted to put the braces on.

I love the website and itís been a great resource. Thanks Guys!

(Editor's note: It's pretty unusual to have blood and pain when your braces are put on! There is usually no blood at all and the pain comes later. But I'm glad you feel better now!)

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