My First Day in Braces

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 Erin from Denver, Colorado

Reading this site has been so therapeutic – thank you, everyone, for sharing. I am on the third day of my braces and this morning woke up in pain and looking like I had the mumps. Ibuprofen and not looking in the mirror has helped me feel better as the day has gone on. This has been a bit of a traumatic experience overall – financially and emotionally, but B-Day as I call it was not too terrible in of itself. Like many of you, I just keep thinking of the end result. My braces are for “dental/ortho” reasons, not cosmetic, but I know I will look better in the end. Ironically, I am getting tips on how to live with braces from my two nieces who are 13 and 15 who also have braces and share the same orthodontist! We have an even stronger family resemblance now.

Last night some friends took me dinner at a great Brazilian place. One of the waiters was very good-looking and charming, but it wasn’t until he came closer and started talking about the specials that I noticed he had braces on his bottom teeth! I was so mesmerized that he had to repeat everything because I hadn’t heard it the first time.

Later, when he came back, he asked if my teeth were hurting and said that he could tell that I’d just gotten them by the way I was moving my lips over them! He sympathized and said he’d just gotten a new wire, so his were hurting too. He had already gotten the top ones removed and his teeth looked great. It felt like we were in a little club together and also gave me hope that there are understanding people (even “hot” men) out there going through the same thing. A good morale boost.

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