My First Day in Braces

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 Faisha from Georgia

I discovered this website the day before I was to get my braces. I was so upset that I hadn't discovered it before. I thought I was in braces heaven. I finally had an idea of what to expect.

I took two Advils before arriving at my appointment. I experienced absolutely no pain. I don't think the Advil prevented pain, there was no pain to be felt. I only got them on my upper teeth. I am to return next week for the lower teeth.

Back to the pain. Everyone told me the pain would kick in a couple of hours after the braces were applied. They warned me to hurry up and eat, then get prepared to take more Advil and sleep.

I followed their advice in part. I took more Advil and ate lunch. (which was a chore because I found out I cant eat sandwiches any more). Then I went to the mall and hung out with friends.

I waited for the pain the never did.

My friends said, well, wait a few more hours, it'll never did.

They said, "well when you wake up it'll be here" wasn't.

They said well, give it a few days...give it a week. Well, a week was today...still no pain.

However I do have abrasions in my mouth from the braces, but once I finally started using the wax, even that went away.

I love my braces!! But they have stolen from me the joy of eating, because now it's more like a chore.

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