My First Day in Braces

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 Germaine from Washington, DC

At 26 years old, I finally did it! It only took a year to make the appointment. I was very hesitant, only because my dentist told me that I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them are impacted! I have never had any problems with my teeth. I felt like bothering might produce pain. I don't know what it is to have a tooth ache, but I here that they are treacherous! No thanks!

I then made the appointment with a "highly" recommended orthodontist, to get a second opinion, of course! He told me that, yes I need to have my wisdoms extracted, but, I don't have to have it done before I straightened my teeth. He told me that he really didn't see the need for braces, but understood me wanting them perfectly straight.

My appointment was scheduled one month to the date. I was nervous, confused, and uncertain all in one moment. But knew that if I did not do it then, it wouldn't be done at all! Boy did the month past fast……? As the day came closer, I began to feel somewhat eager. I logged on to this site almost daily. I wanted to read different occurrences, so that I knew in general, what to look forward to. They site was very instrumental in my decision making!!

My date arrives, and I am very nervous. However, I managed to get there early. I had pictures taken, a graph done, and a mold taken. It was show time! Because of this site, I was already prepared with my lip conditioner. That is a must!!! The doctor and the assistants could all see my nervousness, therefore catered to it! I really appreciated it. The bonding time went by very quickly. Before I knew, she was placing my wires in. It was a very interesting feeling to say the least!

I had no pain (??) As the day progressed, I found my self searching for the pain… did not come until the following night. I don't know that I would call it pain though? It was more so being uncomfortable from not being able to bite down. My teeth felt very fragile. I did not have to use the wax until day 3, on my right top molar. When I did finally eat, I found myself searching the back of my mouth, to ensure that all of the food was gone. Did that one too many times, and got my tongue caught on the wire! AAAAAaaaaaggghhhhhh! That hurt!

So anyway, I am in day 4 now, everything is going great! I thought that I would have a couple of issues with my co-workers and supervisor, but they all compliment! Even my family……which is very strange. I have just about gotten use to brushing my teeth 5-6 times per day. I carry my pack with me every wear. On to getting them tightened…..oh boy!!

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