My First Day in Braces

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 Jamie from Pennsylvania

Ok, here goes. Well after going all through grade school and high school, I finally decided to get braces, but we'll start from the beginning. When I was 12 I remember going to a consultation and thinking oh great, I'm gonna get braces, I really wasn't to enthused, but my mom being a single mother with 2 kids, couldn't afford to get them put on, I thought phew, I lucked out. Well as I grew up and teeth changed I noticed that one tooth was set back behind 2 teeth, and not just a little, it was really stuck back behind them, in pictures it looked like I was missing a tooth. I was really self conscious, and some people were really rude, but fortunately I was always pretty confident.

Fast Forward to 3 months after high school, I start beauty school and I meet a girl who had braces on, and she was 31. Well we became really good friends and now work together at the same salon. Well May of 2006 she comes into work one day, braces off, with just a stunning smile, and immediately I was jealous, I asked about who she went to and everything, and after months of procrastination I called and made an appt for a consult. I went in got everything done, scheduled my appt to get them on. Well August 31, 2006 come and the day has finally arrived, I get up and brush my teeth, realizing that this is the last time I will feel my own teeth w/out appliances on for at least a year and a half. Getting them on was a piece of cake, took like 25 min, and I was done. I opted for ceramic brackets on top and metal on the bottom,( I will get my bottoms when the tooth that's recessed pulls forward) . At first looking in the mirror I was mortified, the brackets look pretty good but the site of the wire caught me way off guard, partially b/c my teeth we crooked and set back the wire was not just straight across. Pain wasn't bad at all, just have to be careful for a week with what you eat. What I hated most was the rubbing, I used a lot of dental wax.

Today at age 20, I have had my braces 6 weeks, and just had my first adjustment, and things have been really good. Although he ended up not putting the wire on my tooth that's recessed, although it has moved slightly, not enough, so instead he put a spring and tubing between the two teeth that are blocking the back one, this will push them over and give the other one room to pull forward, and really that's the only thing that's sore. Other than that things have been great, at first I thought people were going to be so mean about them, but it turns out no one can hardly notice which was a huge relief. I'm eating almost everything now, so really life has returned to normal and I have embraced my braces, the only thing is you have to more careful eating, and be very diligent with hygiene, which I don't mind, my mouth has never felt cleaner. I know its only been a month and half, and I have along way to go, but I know in the end, it will all be worth it, and I cant wait to add my debanding story to the archives when the day comes.

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