My First Day in Braces

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 Jan from Nevada

I am a 64 year old former AA flight attendant who flew for a major airline for 37 years. I couldn't afford braces at a younger age, and frankly, I didn't need them. I decided to get caps on discolored and filled upper teeth to improve my smile. The jackets were okay at first, but over the years, they (my natural teeth) shifted and moved forward (i.e. eating corn-on-the-cob through a picket fence).

This all started when I asked my regular dentist to replace my thicker, "Chicklets-type" caps with a more updated thin- translucent product. He, being a perfectionist, said he didn't want to put a new product on misaligned teeth. So I found myself in the orthodontist's office paying for big bucks orthodontia with NO insurance coverage. Okay, here we are one day later with gums/cheeks/teeth squeezed beyond belief and a lot of drooling.

Now I AM 64, but hope the nursing home syndrome is still a few years away. I never knew my home-grown tomatoes would feel like peanut brittle with new braces. DANG! Soup is the meal du jour for right now. "Weight Check" was always a constant threat when I was flying...who knew that orthodontia would curb appetite in a nanosecond?? We took water pills and cut our hair to adhere to the scale. What grief we could have saved ourselves!!! Please tell me the discomfort will dissipate and all this metal crap will become part of my mouth...soon.

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