My First Day in Braces

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Jennifer from Montana

After a year of life changes, my older sister passing away and graduating from college, I decided to call and make an appointment with an ortho. I asked people I worked with who they or their kids went to and just picked one that seemed to have a good reputation.

A few days later I had my evaluation. Of course with my luck I just had to lose a filling brushing my teeth that morning. After getting the filling replaced I made the appointments right away. Waiting was the most painful thing on the planet (patience is not one of my strengths) and then it was time. The appointment was not so remarkable. The etchant tasted horrible, the little thing used to tap the bands in place hurt a little, but nothing too exciting.

I went out to lunch with my parents 10 minutes later without pain. Another touch of my luck/genius occurred when the State Fair started four days later along with tenderness, not really pain, just sensitivity. I don't even like fair food but all I could think of was food on sticks and hard/sticky things. The pain was minimal and by gargling with salt water I had no problems with mouth sores. I'm sure the next year or so will fly by without incident and I'll be happy with the results. Unfortunately I already look young for my age and now I get carded for lotto tickets.

Good luck to everyone who has/wants/needs a metal grin.

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