My First Day in Braces

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 Karen from Virginia

I have the usual start up story. I wanted to do something for myself, besides being a mother, wife, sister, manager, aunt, daughter, grand-daughter, cousin and friend. So, I decided to get my over bite fixed, crowding in my lower teeth and hopefully combat a growing TMJ problem.

It took the usual 1 1/2 hours to fix the braces on my top teeth. I have clear on the top since I do a lot of face to face with customers and in 4 weeks get my metal bottom braces put on. I have spacers in the bottom now to make room. I was expecting a lot more pain on biting but since my top teeth don't touch the bottom in front yet, I just feel a general tightness and one raw spot in the very back where the metal bracket is on a back tooth.

The one problem I did have was that the last tooth on the left side was too small for a bracket so the dentist is going to "bond" to it later. A little dental wax on the one sore bracket seems to have helped the we will see what tomorrow brings.

My top spacers were very uncomfortable and I am more worried about pain from the bottom spacers than the braces at this point. The dentist said 18 months from crooked to straight! I will have a TMJ bite guard/splint when I am done and of course a retainer for night time. I am looking forward to my new smile in 18 months time.

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