My First Day in Braces

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 Kecia from Florida

I'm only a few weeks into the braces. I had them put on more quickly than expected. I wanted to just get some, so I thought. I did not figure that I needed them as much. June 21, 2005, I went to start all the dental work to be made for the treatment. My dentist told me that my teeth were fine except that I needed to be recommended to an orthodontist for braces. I wasn't shocked because I do have many, many gaps in top and bottom. But, not having to do any dental work was shocking.( I haven't been to the dentist since Nov. 2000).

Anyway, two days later I got them cleaned and was given a lot of business cards and picked neither of them. I chose a ortho out of the yellow pages from an accredited ortho association (Dr. Hodges). July 18 was my ortho appointment. I did all the consultation work and before you know it the financial rep told me the price of $4500. I wanted to run. I didn't have a penny to my name (still don't) so, I told my son's father and my mother what I wanted to do. I have buck teeth and huge gaps in the top and bottom. Getting the fixed would boost my confidence as well as my "angry looking face". They agreed to help out with my expenses and insurance kicked in $1100.00.

So, July 26, was the start to the treatment. Separators were placed. (I wanted to kick and scream because it took two people to put them in.) They took "before" pics, molded my mouth, etc. The D-Day came Aug 2, 2005. I splurged with curry turkey the day before since I decided to get the ceramic top and metal bottom. I felt like I was going against Mike Tyson in a 1 round bout. They gave me an assistant with ADD. She was very hyper and paranoid, but very comforting.

Afterwards, I was in PAIN. I drank Boost and Ensure for 2 days straight. Third day, I tried to go out to dinner with my boyfriend. Olive Garden is not a good place to dine when you are less than a week into your treatment. I cried at the table. I couldn't eat my salad or anything. He laughed and told me, "That's what you wanted, and now you got it." I called him a name and left the table. Frustration is very likely the first week was the moral of that story.

I feel getting the braces, isn't really bad once the discomfort disappear. I figure it's all for the good of my self-esteem and to better my facial appearance. I see a slight change in my speaking and in my teeth, too. If I did it all over again, one things for sure, I would not get ceramic. Working night shift is what I call coffee shift. Coffee is my enemy and so is curry. I have a Haitian boyfriend who makes the best curry. Now, I have to look at it and shake my head in sadness. Boohoo.

(editor's note: Kecia, try the smoke-colored grey ligatures. You can eat curry 2 or 3 times before they show the stains!)

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