My First Day in Braces

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 Kim from Redlands, CA

Since I was 13 years old I have made every excuse why I shouldn't get braces. Fast forward 20 years and I am now 33 years old and getting braces. My husband had braces as an adult and he has encouraged me to "make an investment in myself" and get braces. Today is the big day, I am getting braces!

The dental assistant was very sweet and witty, making jokes to make me feel comfortable. She laid me back in the chair and inserted the "lip spreaders." The "lip spreaders" were the most uncomfortable part of getting braces installed. She gently placed each brace on each tooth and used a light to bond the brace to the tooth. She inserted the wires, and ligatures which was painless. She sent me off with a dental kit , a short lecture on brushing and caring for braces, and said "I'll see you in 8 weeks."

I have had braces for a whole 7 hours, what did I do? I'm already reading the "Brace Removal Stories." I am developing little sores in my mouth but am caking lots of wax on the affected areas, this seems to help. I ate my first meal, a boiled egg and cottage cheese. As instructed by the dental assistant, I quickly brushed my teeth to get any food out of the braces. I just looked in the mirror and found more food stuck in my braces. I think cleaning the food out of braces must be a fine art......... As for the pain, I feel some pressure but its not unbearable. I'll post to the message board and let everyone know how I am feeling.

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