My First Day in Braces

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 Kristine from Phoenix, AZ

Here I am, about 7 hours after the application of my top braces. I’m one of those lucky few who will need more time in braces...about 30 months. Before I can have the bottom row of teeth spruced up, my top row of teeth needs to be pulled outward first.

After I spent 8 days with those little blue food magnets between my molars (A.K.A. “separators”), I was thrilled about getting braces on. I met Gloria, a very comforting person who applied my brackets. We live in Arizona so, unfortunately, the cement tends to “set up” a bit faster. It was 103F today. When one of the brackets had to be redone, she apologized more than once. However, I found it most uncomfortable when I was asked to bite down so that the brackets were positioned properly. I could feel the metal poking into the gums around my molars. Ouch! And, thanks to Dr. Hellwig for pinching my lip in my TMJ mold. I’m healing nicely…thanks!

I haven’t felt any pain from the braces yet. For dinner, I managed to finish a soft burrito, soaked in salsa. No problem! But, I am beginning to feel the brackets scraping my inner cheeks. I cannot believe how incredibly difficult it was to floss! The threaders are helpful but it seems as if the brackets are blocking areas where I need to floss! Good luck to me!

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