My First Day in Braces

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 Kylie from London

Iím 26 and had my top braces put on last Friday. Surprisingly quick and easy visit, everything done in about 40 minutes and its now day 6 and have had no need for any pain relief at all, they are really quite comfy. Maybe just a little sore to eat thatís all so sticking to the soft stuff. The only annoying thing is all the food that gets stuck in them so guess that means I won't be eating out so often.

I opted for the ceramic brace and tooth coloured wire which has been a good move as so far everyone has commented that you can only really see them unless you get up close and have even had to point them out to a few people I had not told. I am definitely still counting down the days and looking forward to getting them off in a year. But for those thinking about it best just to do it and get it over with!

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