My First Day in Braces

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 LaDonna from Mississippi

I'm a 34 year old female mother of two who has the worst smile known to man. I have a large overbite with a huge gap between the front two upper teeth. I've always wanted braces and the perfect smile.

About 20 years ago my parents started the process (I've been wearing brackets on my upper teeth just that long) but we moved out of state and never continued it.

Well I started a life changing process a little over a year ago. I've lost 57 pounds and am just about the same size I was in high school. That being an accomplishment in itself I decided I'm going to have the smile I've always wanted despite the fact that I'm terrified of the dentist and that I really can't afford the braces.

I had my upper metal braces and lower brackets put on the morning of 5/16/06 and 2 days later I've got to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. There has been that feeling of pressure on my teeth but no real pain (hardly what I expected to say the least). I must say that eating is quite the challenge though and will take major getting used to. I expect the bottoms to be placed in the next few months and can't wait for that picture perfect smile.

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