My First Day in Braces

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 LaTia from New Jersey

Hello my name is LaTia and I am 33 years old. A native of New Jersey, today marked the first day of my braces (top) After only a year of contemplating braces today was the big day. I must say, the process was not bad at all. I have not experienced any pain so far. I've been able to eat with no problem (Thank God) and I haven't felt any pressure. The most difficult thing for me is adjusting my lips to the braces. The doctor say that the bottom set will be placed in six weeks. For the most part, I'm pretty comfortable for with my decision.

I guess like many of you, I needed braces as a kid, but the money wasn't there so the need went unnoticed. I really didn't have a difficult time deciding to get braces because as an adult, I know that the long term effect would outweigh the short term adjustment to my appearance. Initially, I was going to get Invisalign, but I opted for traditional metal braces instead. Based on my research, metal was the quickest and gave the best end results.

As an aspiring author, preparing to publish my first book, I felt the need to have a beautiful smile (amongst other adjustments). My orthodontist said that my treatment should take 18-24 months. I'll pray that its the shorter end of the timeframe. In closing I just want to say to all of us over 30, "Nice Job" taking the plunge. As a 30+ self conscious female, I realize the uncertainty that can come with this decision. However, this small sacrifice will surely bring forth a brighter more beautiful smile enjoyed by the world.

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