My First Day in Braces

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 Lee from Detroit

I just celebrated my 31st Birthday two days before I got my braces. I've been seriously thinking about it for the last two years, and my dentist has been trying to get me to do it for the last 8 years. Well I finally did it two days ago and all I say is ..... Ouch! I asked everyone I could find did it hurt? And they all told me no, you'll just be a little sore. Well it seems to me that the lied, LOL. I got my braces on mid-day this past Wednesday and then went back to work. While it not as nearly as bad as getting my wisdom teeth pulled, which was a horrifying ordeal that still haunts me from 8 years ago.

I was pretty uncomfortable, I don't know which was worse the pain or the uncomfortable feeling of the brackets under my lips. I would swear I had a Jolly-rancher in my mouth that never goes away. As my first afternoon with braces progressed the pain got worse and worse. I don't know if my teeth were moving a lot, but they were sure hurting a lot. Plus I never brushed my teeth this often in my life, 7 times a day! Flossing was a sad failure the first night after about 30 minutes I just gave up.

Today is Friday and it's been a few days. And I'm happy to say things have gotten a whole lot better. I've learned the importance of listening to my orthodontists. And starting taking Motrin's that make eating, talking, and drinking a whole lot easier. Plus I'm think I'm starting to get used to having braces a little bit. They don't feel half-way as bad as they did my first day.

While eating, drinking, and brushing has become much bigger part of the day. It's doesn't seem to be that bad. And I even managed to floss every tooth under 30 minutes last night. But the best part is that most people still haven't noticed I have then. I opted for the clear (Inspire-Ice) brackets. Even though they were about 600 dollars more and will take a few more months. I'm very pleased with my decision. My teeth aren't even close to perfectly white, but most people can't even tell unless I tell them. When I look in the mirror from a distance I can't tell either. I haven't taken any pictures but I'm sure they would really show up.

So all in all I'm doing ok. I'm happy with my decision and I'm looking forward to my adjustment period being over.

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