My First Day in Braces

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 Lisa from Illinois

Here we go, I am 30 years old, and today is my first day in braces. I have always wanted them and finally after many years of excuses...I got them. I have the ceramic braces on top and metal on the bottom. I was ready for everything, thanks to this website.

My appointment was really early 8AM. WOW, talk about stress get the kids up and going and me, to be there at 8am. Dropped the kids off and I was on time. Very excited, and anxious and I'll be honest a little scared.

So they whole thing went as everyone on this website said it would. He did the top first and then the bottom. I took about 2 hours and the worst part was the adhesive. All in all I give huge props to this website for preparing me for this day.

The Dr. and his assistant had a nice flow, and even the cheek spreader things weren't too bad. One huge piece of advice, chap stick. Before you even begin with appointment apply massive amounts of chap stick and even go beyond your lips. It really makes the stretching less tight feeling, and I experienced no discomfort.

So now 5 hours into the next year of braces, my teeth are sore not painful just sore. I tried eating a soft pretzel.... no go. But a nice baked potato did the trick. Who knows what I will be living on for the next few days.

I hope everyone who is on the fence dives in and gets the braces, the discomfort is short lived. I know I deal with this because in one year, I will the teeth and smile I have always wanted. Good Luck!

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