My First Day in Braces

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Lisa from North Dakota

Wow, 41 and in braces. Who would have thought Iíd be doing this again. I donít have the actual part that goes on your molars as they donít need to move my molars but I have brackets on 10 teeth on the top and 10 teeth on the bottom. No extra metal by the roof or floor of my mouth, which is nice.

Anyway, my biggest hurdle is my teeth feel numb. I checked with the orthodontist and they say this is normal for the first few days and they gave me a flat piece of plastic to bite on, off and on during the day, which has helped. How do kids learn to eat with these things? Do they just adapt easier or what? Wow, I canít seem to chew much. Maybe that is just initial, I sure hope so. I have also found that food doesnít taste the same. It seems I canít taste the flavor as well.

Iím thinking this is going to be a great weight loss plan as Iíve been avoiding eating since it doesnít taste good, is a lot of work and I have to brush my teeth as soon as Iím done. I am trying to be optimistic and keep hoping each day will be better. It could be a long 9-12 months.

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