My First Day in Braces

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 Mandy from Florida

Wow!! Even though I read every single story about "my first day with braces," I was not prepared. I had no idea how sensitive my teeth are. I know that I cannot bite ice, but WOW!!

Let me begin by saying that this is a year of firsts. I turned 30 this year and now braces. I was on the fence about clear or metal for days. I thought, 'Can I pull off the total 16 year old dorky look?' (glasses and braces). After talking to my wonderful orthodontist, the best decision was metal. So- I plan on rockin' out the total dork look for about 2 years.

When the braces were applied, the icy cold water and air sprayed on them was about to make me jump through the roof. The overall application, not counting the water and air, was pretty pain free. You can trust I'm telling the truth because I am VERY, VERY afraid of the dentist. I do have to say the part where they put on the molar sleeves are not the most fun. They also leave your mouth with an odd metallic taste.

As I got up out of the chair to rinse and caught a glimpse of my newly bejeweled grill, I thought, "Oh my god, what have I done?!?" Now it has been about 6 hours since they were put on and my teeth are sore, but they really are not so bad. I know that I will get use to them. I will cover my mouth when I smile or laugh for the next month. In the end, it is a great and courageous thing to do. It is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. I know that in two years, I will look back and be so happy and thankful I did this. Congrats to any and all adults that muster the courage to rock braces. Good job!

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