My First Day in Braces

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Marc from North Carolina

I've been wanting braces for a long time, because I am very self conscious about my smile. I had some crowding and one tooth that was completely behind the the rest of my teeth. I'm not sure why my parents did not get braces for me, but whatever the reason..........oh well, I'm not bad.

I heard a radio commercial for a local orthodontist in Charlotte and decided that I want my teeth to look better before I turn 30...Also, I just got back from Japan working for Tokyo Disney and I want to go back, so I need to have the Disney Smile, and the Orthodontist offered free consultation.

I didn't know my teeth were in such bad shape. When I walked in for my appointment, the dental assistant and dentists didn't look happy looking in my mouth....he actually  said "this looks complicated". I thought, "OH LORD!!" I was then referrerd to an oral surgeon who removed 8 teeth, including my 4 wisdom teeth. 1 week later I was back in the chair getting spacers. They SUCKED!!!

The next week I was in the chair getting braces. Well, it wasn't so bad. Just having your mouth stretched open over a long period of time was kinda annoying. the fitting for the bands at the back of my mouth was kinda scary......they kept saying, bite down hard, I was scared to bite down, I don't know what I thought would happen, but whatever it was I didn't want it to happen. while they were looking around in my mouth they found a cavity in my back tooth so they didn't band that one. So all the brackets where on (I got the clear ones with pearl colored bands) and they started tightening them that hurt, big time.
After I left I forgot that I had to go to a Barbeque.....that sucked big time, because my teeth were so sensitive that I could only drink milkshakes.

It's been 2 weeks and I finally can bite down with my front teeth........sorta. I still cut up my hamburgers and cut the corn off the cob. Do you know how funny that looks...a big muscle black dude cutting up his the way, I'm not that big, just 5'7, but I'm bout 190lbs of muscle. Speaking of weight, I've lost 6lbs cause I can't eat what I normally eat, and I'm scared to eat crunchy stuff.

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