My First Day in Braces

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 Mia from Sydney, Australia

I have been planning to wear braces for few years now, I am 19 and started working few months ago, and having my money now decided to get braces finally.

I'll never forgive my parents for not caring to put braces for me, and it was obvious I needed them. Of course I know it costs lot of money, but hey its for the rest of my life, and is displayed all the time.

My teeth are not ugly or overcrowded, I have a slight overbite and my upper jaw is quite small and narrow, I was always embarrassed to laugh because of my teeth, and even if I did Id always try and hide my smile or try and not laugh at all.

Well now since I have my own money I decided its time to get my braces on, I had to take two healthy teeth out because my jaw is narrow and teeth need some space to spread, I also needed to fix anything else and there was around 8 teeth for which I got tooth coloured feeling's, which is great, they have changed the old ugly metal looking feelings.

After all that was done, I got separators, oh it was so annoying. But it was only for 7 days, after that I got my braces on. I was very nervous, but it wasn't painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable with my mouth open as wide as could be for 45 min.

First night wasn't that bad, I had a bit of pain but Panadol helped. This morning my jaw and teeth were tender and I felt quite uncomfortable. Well, all I feel like at the moment is somehow getting them out of my mouth, this pressure is very annoying and I'm not used it. I know I need at least few days to get used to it, and I honestly cant wait. I got clear braces on the top and metal on the bottom, I also have to wear elastics. I'm not embarrassed or shy to wear them I'm very confident which is a good thing. My co-workers have been very supportive as well as my friends, which also helps. I just keep thinking of a beautiful smile I will have for the first time in my life when I take them off, and I cant wait. Also for any adults with children reading this, please do everything if any of your children need braces to put on, it is so much easier to wear them when you are at school and young.

Well that's my story, Good Luck everyone with braces and anyone planning to get them!!!

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