My First Day in Braces

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 Nadia from Quebec, Canada

I was super nervous about getting my braces put on. I am 27 but people often think I am no older than 21 so I could just imagine what they would think once they saw me with braces on. I was also scared it might hurt or make me gag. However, the procedure was quick, taking about an hour and half and none of the things I was afraid of occurred. I still need to go back to get an appliance put into my palette so my molars don't move & get two teeth extracted and then treatment will really begin.

My first day in braces wasn't too bad. I had no pain since they weren't tightened. But I couldn't chew anything because of the stoppers that were put on the back of my front teeth so that I don't pop off my the brackets on my bottom teeth. My first supper consisted of sushi rice, avocado, and miso soup - not very filling. But I got imaginative and now my meals are somewhat more normal, you also learn to chew differently or squash food against your teeth or your palette with your tongue, so it will be ok.

All in all, so far so good. I decided to make the experience fun by putting different coloured elastics on my bottom brackets according to the season. I am looking forward to Halloween when I will show off my bright orange and X-Mas with red & green. I figure, if I have to deal with these for two years, I may as well make it fun!

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