My First Day in Braces

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 Nicky from Zimbabwe, Africa

I'm a couple of months away from being 30 and I've just had braces fitted to correct my deep overbite. My bottom teeth were not at all visible when I would bite down. I've turned things around now and instead of feeling shy I try and see the fun I can have with my braces like telling people that the reason I have braces is because I think they're cool and I want to look younger.

My name is Nicky and I live in Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa). I think the worst part of this whole experience was the week of the separators before the fitting of the braces. The little blue plastic rings looked so cute and harmless sitting innocently in the tray beside the chair until they got wedged between my molars. The mild throbbing sensation became tolerable as I learnt to eat all over again, provided I didn't chew down on anything. (A bit of advise to all newbies, get yourself a really good blender.)

The day of the fitting, hey came out and were replaced with metal rings which act as anchors for my teeth. I have stainless steel braces fitted to both the top and bottom teeth. My orthodontist is really skilled because I didn't feel uncomfortable even once. The assistants told me what to expect at each stage which really helped. I've learnt how to keep my braces clean, to floss and use the wax and am really glad I chose to correct my teeth.

I obviously had fears that people would react in strange ways to my braces but most people are just curious. Many actually had them fitted when they were kids so we share stories now. I encourage all people no matter how old or young to address any problems they may have with their teeth. With a lot of luck, you'll have your teeth forever so doing something about it now is a life time investment.

Well, with that I'm off to brush my teeth because I'm sure I have remnants of my lunch lurking somewhere in my braces. Good luck to you all and keep smiling.

P.S. My boyfriend thinks I look like a shy 18 year old so is enjoying my braces more than I thought he would!

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