My First Day in Braces

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 Paul from Ontario, Canada

Reading the First Day Stories on was terrific for me as it helped me understand what was going to happen to me. I am 35 and my teeth were pretty straight until 5-8 years ago and they just keep getting more crowded ever since – so much so that flossing feels good because it adds a bit of space between the teeth!

I finally went to see my orthodontist at the beginning of January and he explained what he could do. So I set it up and on the 6th of February I went in to get them put on. I have to say the entire process on this first day was absolutely pain free and with no discomfort at all, I was rather surprised!

It almost felt like an assembly line or amusement park ride – starting with biting into a piece of wax, I was then shuttled off to get pictures and x-rays. From there they made the molds (put soft substance into tray and you bit into it until it hardens – only a minute or so). Finally when that was done they decided they could only put braces on the top teeth. So they cleaned it and stuck on the bits then put on arch wire and voila – all done. It was about 1.5 hours. They showed me all the tools and gizmos to keep my mouth clean over the next 12-15 months and I was off. My next appointment is in 8 weeks.

I have to say for anyone worried about this part of it – don’t be – I’m pretty much a wimp when it comes to anything to do with my teeth and this was easy.

It’s has been pretty easy going since this time… 3 days after the braces I had a sore tooth for the day but that’s all. I bought a bunch of soft foods but really haven’t had to eat it. I thought I would have to eat soup and pudding for the first week but I’ve eaten what I normally eat except I use a fork and knife more often (… ummm pizza, chicken strips at Wendy’s…)

Many thanks to the host of this web-site for providing a place to share information, it has been terrific for me!

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