My First Day in Braces

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 Raj from Methuen, MA

I got my braces on July 13, 2005. It was not until after I got braces that I realized how crooked my teeth are. But it really didn't bother me. The main selling point that worked for me is 'proper bite'. Of course there is this smile that I hope will help in my professional career.

I got braces for my upper teeth only for now. I'll be getting my lower teeth braces in about six months. Doc advised me that, down the road I would need to remove two upper teeth to achieve proper bite adjustment. I'm contemplating that decision.

I got clear ceramic braces. The process itself was painless and least inconvenient of all dental process. It took about 30 mins (I got only upper teeth braces). Doc didn't use a mouth opener or anything. His assistant handed him glued brackets and he applied them one by one, bonding with the plasma light.

The biggest shock I received was about the food that I can't eat. I love nuts, pizza, Doritos and all hard stuff. Nobody told me that I wouldn't be able to eat those. I can put up with all inconvenience and awkwardness that comes with braces but I really miss the food. I'm not sure how would I survive without my favorite food. I'm sure to lose few pounds because of food restriction.

My teeth are in mild pain now, but nothing that bothers me during my daily activity.

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