My First Day in Braces

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 Risa from Trinidad & Tobago

My name is Risa, and Iím 21 years of age. Iíve been contemplating whether to get braces yes or no for a numerous amount of years now and today was my very first day with them on!

At least Iíve been given separators (rubber bands between molars) and the first couple of brackets for the front teeth, top and bottom jaws. Next week, Iím due to put on the rest of brackets (as soon as the separators are removed) and wired up!  My experience thus far? Painful (I canít really take pain, but Iím doing fine)! But at least not as painful as I was preparing for. helped me prepare for the best and the worstÖ I read all the various articles and took heed of all the advice given.  My first couple of minutes with the brackets on my teeth felt so awkward!!! They kept rubbing against my lips, and felt soooooo uncomfy!

Iím getting a little adjusted to it as the hours pass alongÖ canít wait to hear what my boyfriend has to say! Heís scared to kiss me already! LoL!

My friends and family are anxious to see me in my new ďstyleĒ, and so am I when I get the wire inserted and rubberbands placedÖ Iím ďbracingĒ myself!  This website has been very helpful in understanding the techniques used in applying and wearing bracesÖ treatment span and foods to avoid and stock up on.

Thanks to them, I know what to eat from what I canít! Iím pretty excited to see the end results!  A note to anyone wishing to get bracesÖ the earlier, the better! And the results (Iím assuming!) will be fantastic! My friends are very supportive and funny at the same time! At least Iím making them laugh!

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