My First Day in Braces

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 Rony from Los Angeles, California

I almost had to cancel my appointment for the 3rd time because of work commitments, but I was able to make it on time. I had a 6pm appointment and it was a strange feeling walking into the ortho's office.

I had upper clear braces put on top and it only took about 20 minutes. The putting on of the braces was not painful, but the biting of this plastic mouth object was because I was literally biting it with my gums.

Once it was over, it didn't hurt much. I looked at myself on the mirror and it didn't look that bad. I am glad I got the clear braces, especially since I live in LA and work in Beverly Hills where everyone is so concerned with image. Of course, my mouth looks fuller because of the braces. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt that much afterwards. It was painful the first day and a half, but after that, I was able to chew and eat chicken. Either they didn't put enough pressure on my braces or I am just one of those lucky ones that don't get too much pain.

Having to brush my teeth every time after I eat is a pain though. The teeth really get sore after brushing and flossing. Four days later, the teeth pain is pretty much gone, but it feels so weird having the braces on. I only had to use wax once, now I feel that my lips are tough enough to take the pain. It will be a long 2 years, but it's cool to see how understanding everyone around me is. I will reward myself with a brand new BMW after this is all over, so I look forward to the summer of 2008.

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