My First Day in Braces

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Toxi from New Jersey

My story is similar to others. I was about to turn 33 and knew I needed braces since I was 12, but of course due to being so pricey, put it off. I figured I trade a small part of my vanity to not be in debt.

Well, it all started with my 11-year-old son getting braces (boy did he have all kind of problems -- inherited from Mama of course), and the orthodontist is a really sweet older guy who of course made it a point to check out my mouth every time we talked and "suggested" it. He said he could give me a discount on some clear ones so after a sigh, I said okay, whatever.

Well, it wasn't as easy as PRESTO. After much preparation and 4 extractions --I leaned my son wasn't being so dramatic with all the physical ailments he had -- actually mine were probably worse! It took almost 4 hours to do everything (top and bottom same time) and I had a bite plate put in for 3 months (which he didn't mention). I couldn't chew or eat much solid food for 2 months literally! I lost 15 pounds -- now this would be good if you wanted the weight off, but I'm already petite! 

I kicked myself over and over for why did I go through this torture when people would always say your teeth aren't THAT crooked (probably being polite). My first day was miserable!!! A lot of painkillers, starvation, and feeling like that geeky 12 year old again. I'd never thought I would get used to the feeling or being able to eat real FOOD again. 

Needless to say, 9 months later I am so used to them I forget a lot of times, and no one ever mentions them if they do notice! I think I look much younger though some people think my son is my brother!!

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