My First Day in Braces

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Tracy from Ohio

My name is Tracey, I'm from Zanesville Ohio. I just got my braces on January 18. I have been contemplating getting them for some time now. I went for normal appointments with my dentist to get my teeth ready, and we were talking about orthodontists that could possibly fit me for invisaligns. Well, after scheduling the first appointment with my orthodonist, Dr. Anderson, I found out my teeth were too bad for those.

Needless to say, I went back and got braces. I have the ceramic on top and metal on bottom. Getting them put on wasn't painful at all, I figured it would be painless almost the whole time. Boy, was I wrong. 3 hours after the appointment I started to feel it, and I still do today. I can't eat solid foods yet, but it is improving with time. I was terrified of what my peers would think, but honestly they don't even notice them. The only people who asked me about them were the people I had told. Most people who realized I had braces thought I only had them on the bottom until I pointed out the wire on the top.

It honestly isn't that bad if you are willing to deal with a little bit of pain. The only bad news my orthodontist told me was, I have to have 2 teeth extracted. He left 4 teeth bare, my canines and the ones behind them. So I get the teeth behind them extracted in February then in March I am going back for my normal appt with Anderson, and I will have the brackets put on my canines to put them in the correct position. All of it will be worth it in the next 18-24 months, because then I will be able to smile with pride.

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