My First Days in Braces

experiences of ArchWired readers

Deciding to get braces as an adult is hard enough. But then you have to wear them. In public. For a year or two. Yikes!

What will your coworkers say? Will your clients notice? What will your family think? Just how embarrassing is this going to be? Will you be able to cope with everyone seeing braces on your teeth? Not to mention -- the feeling of having them in your mouth?!

The readers of ArchWired have helped to answer these questions by telling their own "first day" or "first week" stories of braces installation and the aftermath.

We have received so many stories that we simply don't have room to post new ones! If you'd like to share your own story, please post it to Metal Mouth Message Board's "Our Braces Stories" Forum. There, you can update your progress report whenever you like, and add as many photos as you wish at any time -- and other readers will be able to interact with you and your story, too!

Note: We have received so many stories that some are now being "archived" on another page. Eventually I hope to divide them into geographic areas. Click here for the "First Day Archive Page" of older stories. Newer stories appear first:

Silke from Sydney, Australia April from Florida
Dawn from Ohio Kate from Texas
Frank from Australia  Ian from England
Mandy from Ontario, Canada Kylie from London
Linh from London Donna from Ontario, Canada
Megan from California LaTia from New Jersey
Stephen from Ireland Lee from Detroit
Rosemary from Australia Risa from Trinidad & Tobago
Jennifer from Atlanta, GA Angie from the USA
Brandi from South Dakota Marilee from Maryland
Derek from North Carolina Elsie from Florida
Julie from England Lisa from North Dakota
Deborah from New Jersey Spring from Tennessee
Silke from Sydney, Australia Tracy from Ohio
Sam from Toronto, Canada Ashley from Maryland
Denise from Georgia Kevin from South Carolina
Barbara from North Carolina Mia from Australia
Candida from Canada Christy from Indiana
Amra from New Jersey Stacie from Iowa
Erin from Colorado Judy from Pennsylvania
Jamie from Pennsylvania Deb from Worcs, UK
Jennifer from Montana Carroll from North Carolina
Marc from North Carolina Diana from Madrid, Spain
Dave from Oregon Gill from Kingston, Jamaica
Debbie from Virginia Renita from Virginia
Genie from Florida Kim from California
Kathy from California Tracy from Penn. (Invisalign)
Kendra from North Carolina LaDonna from Mississippi
Germaine from Washington, DC Carol from St. Louis 
Jon from Vancouver, Canada Paul from Ontario, Canada
Anna from the UK Jacqueline from London
Jessica from New York Robin from Tennessee
Heather from Nebraska Paul from London
Lisa from Illinois Adam from Washington, DC
Raven from Virginia Laura from England
Lavonna from Texas Jason from Oregon
Chris from Connecticut Nicky from Zimbabwe, Africa
Greg from New Jersey Siobhan from Ireland
Paul from Ontario, Canada Rony from California
Karen from Virginia Faisha from Georgia
Sarah from the USA (in China) John from England
Angela from Connecticut Nichole from Florida
Luke from Australia Laura from Birmingham, UK
Kassie from Texas RaleighSmile from North Carolina
Cindi from North Carolina Shay from Illinois
Leslie from Washington Christen from Pennsylvania
Lisa from Ohio Emmanuel from Georgia
Samantha from Quebec, Canada Toxi from New Jersey
Denise from Florida Mandy from Florida
Joanne from New Zealand Alysia from London, UK
Kerry from London, UK Diane from New York 
Kim from California Olivia from California
Jannie from California Kristine from Arizona
Harvey from Ontario, Canada Jan from Nevada
Nadia from Quebec, Canada   Cinthia from Brazil
Travis from Virginia   Damita from Mississippi  
Craig from Illinois   Alison from Scotland
Raj from Massachusetts Mairi from Manchester, England
Vicki from Texas Kecia from Florida
Roy from the USA (in Qatar) Rika from Tennessee

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